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5 Quick Tips For Improving Your Ranking on Amazon
4th February 2019|by moretraffiq|0

5 Quick Tips For Improving Your Ranking on Amazon

With Amazon now dominating Google in product searches, it’s time to reconsider your SEO strategy. It’s likely that you’ve become accustomed to optimising with Google in mind, but if you are using Amazon as a selling platform you will definitely need to adopt a new approach to ensue your listings are not going unnoticed. In general, the merchants that are most successful on the platform offer detailed product descriptions, high-quality imagery and exceptional customer service. But of course, your ranking will initially determine the extent to your retail success and it is important to understand that Amazon differs from traditional search engines in its ranking process. 

There are actually two types of ranking to consider with amazon: The traditional search rank which will allow your product to appear after a user has searched for a related keyword (i.e. the Google way). And the buy box ranking. This is a box on the product detail page that customers click on to add the item to their cart. When multiple sellers offer the same item you must compete to appear there. If you don’t win the buy box, people must not only find your product in a traditional search, but also seek out your specific offer(s). Brand owners typically don’t have trouble winning the Buy Box for their products, but this is a significant factor for retailers.

You can improve your traditional search rank and win the Buy Box with these five tips:

1. Price competitively

This is a top factor Amazon considers when awarding the Buy Box. You want to offer one of the lower prices (including shipping). It might be worth using a product re-pricer, software that automatically changes the price based on the competition.

2. Maintain a positive selling history

Your selling history will impact both your ability to win the Buy Box and also your search rank. This means keeping customers happy and delivering quality products on time.

3. Increased Sales

The more you sell, the higher you rank, and the more likely you are to win the Buy Box.

4. Provide thorough product information

When all other factors are the same, the product listing with the most complete product information wins out. One of the most important attributes is your title so use all available space to include maximum detail.

5. Offer Prime

Amazon’s subscription-based service is the most prominently-placed filter. When visitors filter out non-Prime items, those products don’t have a chance to show up in the results. With 63 million Prime members, Prime matters.