eCommerce & Digital Consultancy

Pippa Small Designs Ltd

(Platform Migration / Project Management / Roadmap Planning And Strategy)

Pippa Small Designs Ltd
Project Overview : Project Managing The Re-Branding And Re-Platforming Of A New Multi-Currency Website
Location : London
Status : Complete

Tasked with a complex end to end platform migration project at Pippa Small Designs Ltd, I first had to conduct extensive analysis to find out what the needs of the business were and which areas required the most focus.

With a small inventory, limited budget and a team with little to no coding abilities, I decided that it would be best to move from a static Magento platform to a more user-friendly, adaptable Woocommerce one. Managing every aspect of the platform migration from start to finish, I mapped customer journeys, oversaw the design process, negotiated with third party service providers and successfully executed the project within 12 weeks.

Through gathering insights, I was able to identify new opportunities, implement strategies which acquired and retained a new customer base and re-position the online brand successfully. Subsequently growing the conversion rate and increasing turnover by 500%.