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What Are You Waiting For? 3 Simple Ways You Should Already Be Using Mobile Capabilities To Benefit Your Brand
22nd October 2018|by moretraffiq|0

What Are You Waiting For? 3 Simple Ways You Should Already Be Using Mobile Capabilities To Benefit Your Brand

Many fashion brands seem to believe that having a mobile retail platform alone is enough to bring them success in the modern age. But the reality is, that any flourishing eCommerce fashion business has to be engaging, reactionary and adaptable, willing to facilitate its’ users habits and behaviours and always striving to stay one step ahead. It is no secret that there are a lot of egos in the industry, (we all know that this is why it has been so famously slow to adopt new technologies in the first place). But in order to thrive in the digital world, these need to be left in the dark ages along with your Nokia. So how can you utilise mobile capabilities to benefit your brand?


Considering that we’re looking at our phones more than a billion times a day, operating with a mobile-first mentality is the only way forward, especially when it comes to customer engagement. The modern consumer is now more demanding than ever. We know what we want and we want it now. Offering a 9-5 service just doesn’t cut it anymore. I want to WhatsApp you at 10pm, IM you on my way into work and I want answers, not a generic, automated response. In an age where the twittersphere can make or break you in seconds, it is crucial to manage customer expectations and provide your target demographic with a tailored service which suits their lifestyle.


We’ve become accustomed to repeatedly checking emails/social channels and browsing the sites of the same retail brands over and over during our downtime these days. So why not capitalise on the micro moments by engaging consumers whilst they are idly using their phones to kill time? A well-designed mobile site can make it easier than ever to convert idle traffic into impulse buyers at the click of a (very strategically placed button). Make sure that all buttons, links and calls to action are tap-friendly, have the appropriate size margins to prevent errors and most importantly are featured in the thumb zone, then watch your conversion grow.


The clicking of one button is literally the only action any mobile shopper wants to undertake at checkout. Long-winded, multi-page transaction processes with lengthy loading times are a thing of the past and will only lead to abandoned carts. Try to make the purchase journey as short as possible. Offering one-click mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch and Amazon Pay will repeatedly help you to close a sale.

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